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Enormous amount of fun, craziness, creativity and laughing with your photos!

Create super funny caricatures and GIFs of yourself or joke your friends with this cool photo editor app for free!

Make yourself skinnier, buff your face up or enlarge any body part that might need some enlargement and don’t forget to make funny GIFs from your face changes for free! ;)

Or go crazy and have fun putting several pounds of fat on your friends or giving them the biggest cheese-eating grin you can imagine.

Photo Warp is the funniest photo editor app, which empowers you to be the best plastic surgeon ever! How hilarious and creative can you be? Try it out now!

Take a selfie and start editing your photo instantly or select pictures from your gallery. Photo Warp even has some built-in funny images you can start with. Put cool photo effects on them, warp faces, distort legs and stretch arms, make your friends fatter or thinner, it’s all in your hands! Finally create a GIF and share it with your friends!

Will you be evil or merciful with the power you have? We already have a guess :)

Mess up your brother's/sister's face with cool effects, joke your friends and create crazy caricatures to tease them. You can even make fun of your teachers, colleagues, celebrities by deforming their best selfies. This app will make you laugh, guaranteed!

With more than 60 million downloads and 150,000 five star reviews, there’s no doubt this is the best free app ever made to have fun.

NEW Features:

- Animate your warps into GIFs!

- Save high resolution pictures!

- Use pinch-zoom for more detailed photo editing!

- New, beautiful UI!

- Speed improvements - smoother interactions

More to come soon!

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APK-versie 2.0.7
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